The design team in its current shape and composition has been in operation since 2014, when having gained experience in the design of broadly understood architecture, underground bicycle facilities and starts in many competitions in the field of gravitational cycling, as well as in the design of bicycles and the organization of cycling events, it was established as Velo Projekt design studio.

The person responsible for the design department is architect Konrad Muraszkiewicz. You can contact him at



As a team of bike enthusiasts, athletes, architects and construction specialists, we are primarily involved in the design of cycling pump tracks of varying degrees of difficulty and aimed at different age groups. In addition, recreational spaces are very well complemented by skill track lines designed by us to learn to balance on a bike. We also design sustainable directional cycle trails, the so-called single tracks, which have been very popular in recent years.

always up to date

Constant analysis of the world's emerging cycling facilities, as well as contact and consultations with active competitors help us to design and offer state-of-the-art and tested solutions and ideas for cycling recreation facilities.

We also design recreational or park areas including facilities such as playgrounds, outdoor gyms, flowparks and streetworkout elements. In this type of projects, we cooperate with specialists from relevant sectors such as bicycle consultants, planners of greenery, electrical and sanitary systems, constructors, as well as representatives of science and industry from the road, bridge and general construction sectors.

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